The navy is establishing two new combat units

The Navy is establishing two new war units within maritime logistics. On October 2nd, the starting signal was given for the new logistics concept that will be the heart of the Navy’s future logistics system. The task forces are a significant addition to the Navy’s ability to defend Sweden both on land and at sea.

In one of Karlskrona naval base’s oldest buildings, Vasaskjulet, stands one of the Swedish Armed Forces’ newest units, the First Marine Base Battalion, ready and positioned to shelter from the rain.

The shed that was built to provide shipbuilders with a more comfortable working environment now provides the same protection for the hundreds of employees gathered in the beautiful venue for the day. At the same moment, the Second Marine Base Battalion has prepared themselves up at Berga Naval Base where the autumn sun almost breaks through the dense clouds. A few sun rays shine over the hundreds of soldiers, sailors, and officers who have gathered to celebrate the navy’s two new combat units. The journey towards creating a secure, robust, operational, and impactful logistics supply chain begins now.

The establishment ceremonies involve the integration of the naval base battalions into the operational logistics activities within the Navy. The goal is for the marine base battalions to have full operational capability by around 2030.

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