Course towards Northern Coasts

Today, the corvette HMS Nyköping departed from Karlskrona in beautiful late summer weather. Together with an EOD team from the Fourth Naval Warfare Flotilla and staff officers from, among others, the Naval Warfare School, the crew will participate in the major exercise Northern Coasts 23.

The maritime exercise Northern Coasts, Noco, is a recurring multinational exercise that has been conducted in the Baltic Sea every year since 2007.

The exercise is initiated by Germany and is jointly led, planned, and executed this year by the German, Estonian, and Latvian navies. Noco-23 will take place from September 9th to 22nd, 2023 and will be held in the eastern Baltic Sea, primarily around the Baltic states. The exercise includes activities such as maritime surveillance, coastal and air defense, surface warfare, and landing operations, with the aim of developing cooperation and interoperability among the participating nations. This year’s exercise is the largest to date, with over 3000 participants and around 30 ships from eleven nations.

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