Saab Kockums Builds New Processes, Skills, And Capabilities In Delivering A26

In late June 2022, the keel of the Royal Swedish Navy’s (RSwN’s) first-in-class A26 diesel-electric submarine (SSK) Blekinge was laid at the Saab Kockums shipyard in Karlskrona, southern Sweden. [Redirected from NAVAL NEWS]

The keel laying was an important milestone in Kockums’ development of the A26 programme. It followed the announcement in August 2021 that delivery of the planned two Blekinge boats would be delayed from 2024 and 2025 to 2027 and 2028, respectively. The opportunity presented by the build schedule delay also enabled Kockums and FMV – Sweden’s defence materiel administration – to introduce new capability onboard the boats.

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