Ö-varvet uses Roxtec GRP solutions

Ö-varvet in Gothenburg provides service to the Swedish Coast Guard’s composite boats to increase their life span.

They take the opportunity to replace cable and pipe penetration frames in steel and aluminum with lightweight but very strong frames and sleeves in glass fiber reinforced polyester.

”This is a very good solution. Previously, we had to install aluminum frames with flanges for screw attachment. Now we can reduce the installation space and at the same time get a larger frame for multiple cables in the composite construction. It becomes solid and strong,” says Daniel Olofsson, project manager at Ö-varvet.

Ö-varvet has decided to specify Roxtec SRC GRP multi-cable penetrations with rounded corners for the Coast Guard’s Madera RIB boats. The seals are used to ensure fire-rated and watertight bulkhead penetrations for power cables running between the battery pack, engine room, and technical room. The rounded corners reduce the concentration of stresses and the risk of cracks.

”We could lift the entire boat in the existing frame. That’s how strong it is,” says Daniel Olofsson.

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