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Sweden’s Television asked for a statement regarding the new information that a Russian ship was photographed at the time of the Nord Stream sabotage.

MTC and BTH express their views in the Report on new data linked to Nord Stream

Sweden’s Television asked for a statement regarding the new information that a Russian ship was photographed at the time of the Nord Stream sabotage. Below is a summary from the article and TV report: See the full feature here:

Last September, Denmark’s defense forces photographed the Russian SS-750 special vessel near the site where the Nord Stream pipelines were blown up a few days later. This is confirmed by the Danish defense for SVT Nyheter. On September 22, a Danish patrol boat took 26 pictures of the vessel in the waters east of the Danish island of Bornholm. The footage is classified as classified, but the defense forces confirm to SVT Nyheter which ship it is. The submarine rescue vessel SS-750 is specialized for operations on the seabed and has on board an AS-26 Priz mini-submarine, which is equipped, among other things, with grappling claws.

”Stable platform”

Oskar Frånberg, docent in marine engineering at Blekinge University of Technology, does not want to speculate on who is behind the explosions, but states that it is exactly this type of ship that is required. – There has been speculation that those who did the sabotage started from a sailboat, but a stable platform is needed to be able to carry out operations of this kind. At the same time, there is nothing that can be done in the hidden, a ship like this cannot appear unnoticed but is guaranteed to be observed, he tells SVT Nyheter. SS-750 left the Russian Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad with an escort consisting of a frigate, a corvette, an intelligence vessel and two tugs. This is according to an examination of open sources that journalist Oliver Alexander has previously done in collaboration with German T-online.

Significant activity

In connection with the Russian ships approaching the area east of Bornholm on September 22, there was suddenly a lot of activity, according to the reviews. A Danish patrol vessel headed towards the prospective crime scene, where it was met by Swedish military ships and aircraft. The Swedish ship that arrived there was initially visible on maritime traffic sites such as Marine Traffic, but the information about its journey later disappeared, according to Oliver Alexander. Four days later, the flow through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline stopped and it was quickly established that it had exploded. Even Nord Stream 2, which has not yet been commissioned, had been sabotaged. Prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist, who leads the Swedish investigation into the sabotage, says he already knew the information about the SS-750. – Otherwise, I have no comments and it has to do with the ongoing preliminary investigation, but it is not new information for us, he says.

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